Weapons of Choice – Staples Electric Pencil Sharpener

Yes, sharpening pencils is a big deal to me.  Dave Edwards (36k Studios) showed me the awesome power of electric sharpening.  There are alternative ways to sharpening like manually turning the pencil against a blade or whittling and using sandpaper but those methods aren’t as fast.

This Staples Electric Pencil Sharpener is fast without demolishing my pencil. It literally takes me longer to put the pencil in then out than it does to actually sharpen it (please note the proper use of the word literally, people. No exaggeration here).  And it sharpens all types of  pencil media just fine: graphite, carbon, 4B charcoal and of course, Crayola colored pencils.

I’m sure that there are better ones our there but after buying 2 other electric sharpeners this is the best one.  They are:

  • X-Acto Mini Dome Sharpener: This had circuitry issues and it would destroy my pencils. $10. Don’t.
  • iPoint Evolution Titanium Electric Pencil Sharpener with Microban: Before opening this I read reviews and apparently it’s a $40 piece of garbage.
    “May I ask why you’re returning this, sir?”
    “Because the internet says that it’s a $40 piece of garbage.”

As much as I like this sharpener, it has it’s issues:

  1. -It’s AC powered so if I bring it to conventions or wherever I’m going to work, it might be futile as I have to find an outlet.  I’d prefer that it was battery powered.
  2. -There aren’t different sized holes for different sized pencils so I may have to whittle the bigger diameter pencils before I can sharpen them.
  3. -The pencil has to go in about 2 inches before it can be properly sharpened. So sharpening pencils to a nub isn’t an option here.

This is a great sharpener. I recommend it for those who were also suffering wtih sharpening needs. Here’s a link to it: Electricity!

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One thought on “Weapons of Choice – Staples Electric Pencil Sharpener

  1. I would add that many electric sharpener cylindrical blades don’t do well with colour pencils, because of the nature of their lead. Coloured pencil lead tend to be waxy and can easily fill up the grooves of the sharpening cylinder, instead of falling away with the shavings. These include ColErase pencils that many of us artists use for rough work and layout. Manual cleaning of the blade is often required to make the sharpener usable again.

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